Health and Fun

Lately I’ve been reading about how difficult it can be to achieve genuine happiness: happiness doesn’t come naturally as we make more money or become more successful in life, and philosophers have differing ideas about what we need to do to obtain it.

Unlike the elusive state of happiness, creating fun in our lives is easy and can do wonders for our health!

Take singing, for instance. According to the site, singing releases endorphins, the feelgood chemical, in our brains. It gets oxygen into the blood, promotes a good mood and reduces anxiety. According to the twitter site FactHive, singing for at least ten minutes a day reduces stress, clears sinuses, improves posture and can help you live longer. Even if you’re shy, you can sing by yourself: the acoustics in most bathrooms are fantastic!

There are lots of other fun activities we can incorporate into our lives too.

Dancing when you first get up in the morning sets a great tone for the rest of the day. Just put on a tune you love — preferably one with a good beat — and dance. It’s a great form of exercise and, unlike meditation, you don’t have to worry about your mind wandering. Even five minutes can be completely mood altering.

Do you think it’s possible to laugh and not have fun at the same time? My guess is “no”. Can’t think of anything to make you laugh? If you google “Tim Conway dentist” and watch one of the first videos that comes up in your search results, I’d be surprised if you’re not in stitches with tears streaming down your face within 30 seconds.

We can incorporate fun into lots of our daily activities. Eating is a good example. A small piece of quality, organic dark chocolate a day boosts the health of most people. And why not prepare foods that are delicious and nutritious and then savour them while chewing slowly? We digest our food better when we enjoy the food we eat. Why not make eating fun?

Walking can also be very enjoyable. Noticing our surroundings, smiling at passers by and enjoying the fresh air while getting gentle exercise are all really good for us. If you’re able, why not get out in the wilderness and take a hike or go for a paddle in a canoe or a swim in a lake?

These are just a few of the easy, free or inexpensive, things we can do to improve our general health while having fun. I’m sure there are many more ways of having fun that are unique to each of us. A few that occur to me are visiting with a friend, playing a game, curling up with a great book or spending time with a pet.

Who knows where consciously adding fun into our lives can lead? Incorporating new, fun habits into our daily activities might bring more benefits than you anticipate.