Keeping In Touch With Our Innate

Our Innate is like a deep river of wisdom that runs through all of us.

It’s our inner knowing. Some call it inspiration, some call it God, some call it our higher selves; whatever we choose to call it, we need to listen to it. It’s our rudder in an often turbulent world. It’s the power that keeps our hearts beating, our wounds healing and every aspect of our being functioning. It’s effortless, intricate, vital, and mysterious.

And all it asks of us is that we work with it. We can do so by honouring what bubbles up from deep within, living in harmony with our surroundings and taking care of our health.

When we work with our Innate, we’re courting the miraculous. When we listen to, allow and enhance this life force that animates all of us we’re doing life’s highest bidding.

The universe is expressing itself through all of us. Let’s keep this special connection clear and open.