5 Secret Spots in Nelson, BC

Test your knowledge of Nelson, B.C.

Here are 5 “secret” spots we think are pretty neat. 

How many have you been to?







1. James Johnstone Regional ParkIMG_3361a

This park is easy to miss the road to Pulpit Rock.

A short hike down a peaceful forest path will bring you to a gorgeous little beach.  Enjoy the view of the entire Nelson waterfront from this little paradise.






2. How Shang Shway Tea HouseIMG_8959

An authentic Taiwanese lunch café with the most delicious home cooked meals.  Caters to most dietary requests.  Once you go there once you will be hooked!







Your family Chiro banner


3. Blewett Watershed IMG_3955a

Not many people realize that the grounds around this watershed are large and great for exploring.  Perfect spot for a walk or a jog.






4. Rosemont Tunnel

Have you been through Nelson’s only tunnel yet?  A fun place to try to find.

Hint: search around the Rod & Gun Club.


5. Jum Singh Fresh Water Spring IMG_8987

One of Nelson’s best kept secrets.  A short walk off the Rail Trail, this fresh water spring bubbles up year round.  Many believe in the strength of its energetic powers.  Many others just love the pure taste of the fresh water that seeps from deep within the Earth.








ASK  DR.  REMI:  What is your favorite secret spot in Nelson?

My favourite secret spot is Sparkling Life Family Chiropractic! 😉IMG_8465

We have been here almost 6 years now, but some people are still surprised that there’s a chiropractor in our location instead of cinnamon buns.

If you have driven by the carwash on Nelson Avenue then you have driven by us too.  Next time drop in and say Hello, we would love to meet you.

But for real…  My favourite secret spot, is the abundant huckleberry patch at the top of Svaboda road in the late summer! I love stopping for a little snack after a big climb on my mountain bike, mmmmm!!!