Why is it called ‘The Germ Theory?’

Do germs absolutely cause disease as the theory suggests? To paraphrase Dr. Fred Barge: ‘If the germ theory were true, there’d be nobody left to believe it.’

Germs are around all the time and in fact we are covered in germs inside and out. Germs are actually crucial for proper balance and good health. Our bodies are designed to have a symbiotic relationship with bacteria, aka germs. When our body is functioning properly, it will naturally keep an optimal healthy balance of bacteria and human cells. 

A good analogy is gardening. Seeds need soil and water to grow and flourish. Similarly germs require an ideal environment to take over, i.e. an unhealthy body/lowered immune response. There is no need to fear germs if you do the necessary things to build up your body’s health and function  on a regular basis. This takes away the perfect ‘soil’ for the germs to germinate, if you will. Keeping your body healthy and well maintained with your team of health practitioners is one strategy to keep a healthy germ balance in your body.

Even a healthy body will get sick sometimes. This is actually a very important ‘workout’ for your immune system to get stronger in the long run.

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