See what our clients are saying about their experiences while under our care:

DISCLAIMER: Chiropractic care does not claim to treat any of these conditions, in fact, chiropractic is not designed to treat symptoms at all. We adjust subluxations (misalignments of the vertebrae) to improve the health and function of your spine. These are just what some people have experienced while under care in our office.

About 8 years ago, a young man came to our door. Knocked, shook my hand and announced he was Rémi Champagne and he was opening a chiropractic practice in Nelson. My husband and I were doing fairly well, so I wished him well and he continued down the block going door to door. I was very impressed.

A short time later, my husband and I were both having aches & pains that were interfering with things we wanted or had to do. A friend of mine told me about her chiropractor and how he was helping her. We decided to make an appointment to have a treatment. 

You guessed it, it was the same young man I had met and was so impressed with. His practice is called ‘Sparkling Life Family Chiropractic.’

We are forever thankful for Rémi Champagne and his staff. The adjustments are comfortable and beneficial and the office staff are very friendly and helpful. We know we are being well looked after and he keeps us upright!



Early in the year I was incapacitated with lower back pain and sciatica. Scans showed marked spinal degeneration. Pain medication only provided temporary relief and the option of surgery was not what I wanted.

On an impulse I dropped into Dr. Remi’s office and was immediately impressed with the encouragement and professionalism I found there.

Although skeptical of chiropractic treatment, after an assessment I felt that this could definitely be the right track and I started on a course of adjustments. Improvement was steady and I am now pain free and have been able to enjoy all the  activities I thought no longer possible. Other benefits have included improved sleep patterns and an increase in general well being.

This is a recovery beyond my expectations, and although the spinal conditions largely still exist, Dr. Remi’s treatment will enable me to manage them.

I fully concur with Dr. Remi’s philosophy of wellness and also appreciate the calm and welcoming atmosphere in his office, and his unfailing cheerfulness and courtesy.

– Susan Barrett

I was involved with a very good chiropractor in the States and had made a lot of progress with her but my neck still suffered greatly. When I came to Dr. Remi, he was very precise and had really good perspective about neck and spinal alignment and the nervous system. With the neck adjustments that Dr. Remi did,  i felt a greater release, longer lasting correction, and my neck felt way stronger in between adjustments. In the month that I visited Dr. Remi, I made great ground in my overall health and nerve supply to my body.  Next time that I am in town, I will be sure to have Dr. Remi as my Chiropractor.

– Tamara Crist

After briefly meeting Dr. Remi Champagne and a quick assessment at his booth at the Cottonwood Market, I was impressed with his sincerity in offering hope. It was a serendipitous moment, because both my husband and daughter felt this was the opportunity to do something about the pain they knew I was enduring with much stoicism as I could muster. I had been under the misconception that nothing could be done about Scoliosis, and this was something that I had to live with. After all, I was no “spring chicken,” and what could possibly be done to help a spine that was twisted into an “S” shape after 70 years of life?

I was a sleep deprived, weary and aching woman, as I entered the office of Sparkling Life for a consultation. The pain that day in my neck and back outweighed my skepticism. After a tour of the Eco-friendly premises, and a complete work-up with scanning and x-rays, Remi articulately explained what the benefits of having chiropractic care would be to my overall health. I couldn’t wait to begin.

Since that first adjustment, as a result of my spine beginning to be relieved of stiffness, immobility, and pain, I have found renewed energy, vitality, and finally been able to sleep deeply at night. I know that this isn’t a quick fix, and am prepared to accept this as a part of my lifelong plan to be pro-active in remaining healthy. Healing myself is a “process” during which symptoms will come and go, but the improvement I experience is a result of the skilled, gentle, and caring way with which Remi practices his profession. I am thrilled with my on-going recovery, and extremely grateful to him.

– Beverley DeRosa



A friend recommended Dr. Remi to me when I recently experienced trauma to my back. Just walking in, my anxiety went down a notch due to the relaxing atmosphere Dr. Remi has created in his office. His gentle but thorough technique allowed me a strong and steady recovery . I appreciate his philosophy of wellness and will continue to see him to stay aligned and to prevent any further incidences. I highly recommend Dr. Remi because of his positive and joyful attitude, and his ability to support his clients in their goal to greater health.

-Shatoiya de la Tour, author and educator


Chiropractic care has been a lifesaver for my physical health for the past number of years. Over time, I developed pains in my neck, left arm, and horrible sciatica which prevented me from doing all physical activity. I also suffered from depression and took medication as a result of the prior ailments. I sought chiropractic care to give it a try and after a year, I was back to doing my regular routine and have been problem free since and no longer take medication. I moved to Georgia and started to do MMA fights and met Remi at an event in Rome, GA. I decided to go to Lieberman Chiropractic where he was at. While Remi was my chiropractor for a few months at Lieberman Chiropractic, I received great care and attention to my specific needs concerning my health from just daily routines to MMA fight preparation. I always felt better with regular adjustments and certainly noticed a difference in my health when I was not going regularly. Remi cares about people, is always friendly and outgoing, and will do an exemplary job for you and I highly recommend him.

-Matthew Dunn


While under Dr. Remi’s care I noticed that I rarely, if ever, experienced any type of physical ailment such as colds and headaches. As my care continued I began to realize the fundamental principles and the role that the adjustment played in my health, and as result, I gained confidence in my body’s ability to function and heal itself whenever the rare physical ailment did present itself.

– Joshua Varty